Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Do we collect / do we collect for free?
    Yes subject to conditions, less than 2 tonnes can result in no payment depending on the distance, other arrangements can be offered for small collections ie; a nominal at cost charge or we will supply the tel. no. of someone who will collect.
  • 2. Do we take / collect cars?
    Only depolluted cars, we dont undertake roadside collections, tel. no. of a company who will collect / receive undepolluted cars will be supplied.
  • 3. My vehicle wont tip will you unload me?
    Yes at your own risk. We have grabs, magnets, chains and forklifts and can unload most vehicles, however some small vehicles will need to be unloaded by hand, if you need help ask and we will try and oblige, remember though a badly loaded vehicle can incur damage whilst unloading.
  • 4. I want to send my wife with metal out of the garden shed, will you give her assistance?
    Of course, some wives are regulars, our staff will see to the manual handling.
  • 5. I want to deliver a small quantity in the family car, will I incur tyre damage?
    It would be very unusual, the yard is swept on a regular basis, we like it clean and tidy, most damage is the result of driver error.
  • 6. Will I be paid cash on delivery?
    Yes, of course, payment is generally as the customer wishes.
  • 7. How far will you travel to collect my scrap?
    It depends on the quantity, the more there is the further we will travel, give us a call.
  • 8. Do we take vehicles or forklift batteries?
    No, batteries are hazardous waste and the regulations surrounding hazardous waste make it unprofitable.
  • 9. What sort of transport can you provide?
    Almost anything, see the transport page on this site.
  • 10. Do you deal with members of the public or is it trade only?
    Everybody is welcome if they are over the age of 16.
  • 11. Do we accept beer barrels?
    No, they all belong to one brewery or another and will be classed as stolen goods, phone KEGWATCH on 0808 100 1945.
  • 12. Can I put steel gas or oxygen bottles in your skip?
    Not if they are sealed or complete, if they are in half or have been severely holed with a hydraulic machine then yes, but tell us about them. Sealed cylinders are bombs waiting to explode and we take a very dim view when they are concealed in a load.
  • 13. Can I mix different grades in one load?
    Yes, but tell us first and get a price quote and then there are no shocks for anyone
  • 14. I have a small amount of non ferrous metal (copper, brass, aluminium) is it worth bringing to you?
    Usually yes, non ferrous is high value metal, however distance or transport cost dictate the distance that you can afford to travel, call for advise.
  • 15. Can I dispose of my old cooker or washing machine?
    Yes, but it isnt worth the paperwork to pay for it.