Buying from us

Here at Schofields we have a long history of supplying Foundries with the high quality scrap metal grades they require, delivering to Foundries anywhere between the east and west coasts and south to Birmingham.

These days escalating transport costs have led us to keep within 60 miles of home where possible. In the past 80% of our turnover was Foundry grade with the remainder being local steelworks and export, now the mix is nearer 30% Foundries and 70% export. The decline in Foundry business isn’t by choice but is caused by the continual decline in the Foundry industry, and manufacturing in general.

Our non ferrous scrap metal business has built up over the last 15 years from quite a low level to currently accounting for 30% of turnover. The company had neglected the non ferrous side of the business during the 1970s and 80s, however the closure of a major customer in 1990 meant that we had to have a change of strategy and since then we have steadily grown our non ferrous scrap metal trade. Sales are mostly within the trade to the main exporters and works suppliers, with small amounts going to local Foundries.