Transport photographs update

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Hi, I thought I’d better update the transport enthusiasts among you with situation regarding more wagon and snow clearing photographs I’ve got thousands of photos that I’ve taken myself but I’ve also got a collection of around 30000 transport photos taken over the last 20 years or so in the north of England. The guy who took them died and I bought them along with the copyright to them. Every transport firm in the north seems to be in there. The problem is that neither the prints or negatives are indexed or catalogued. I have over 30000 of my own photos although a lot are landscapes etc, mine are all catalogued though. I will be putting more on the website when time permits, the time consuming part is scanning them. I have a new scanner coming soon which should speed things up.I haven’t got the time to email individual pictures although I can, print, mount and frame upto A3 at a price. I hope this answers some of the queries that I’m getting on a daily basis.